Mpeg2/H.264 HD Encoder ‐ TS Over IP

Mpeg2/H.264 HD Encoder ‐ TS Over IP

Mpeg2/H.264 HD Encoder ‐ TS Over IP

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The ez-Caster EN3 MPEG2/H.264 HD Encoder/ATSC Modulator from Lumantek is an audio/video system with AV encoding and multiplexing technology. It is designed for small studio applications. It enables a simultaneous video/audio encoding technology and modulation in a single device. The encoder is optimized for the Korean terrestrial TV environment, supporting Mpeg-2 video and AC3 Audio technology as well as the 8VSB modulation. The system supports HDMI, HD-SDI, component and composite inputs with HDMI, HD-SDI, analog stereo audio (L/R) for audio inputs.


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